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Businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance customer experiences, streamline operations, and foster team collaboration. Central to this mission is the adoption of the best ticketing and help desk software.

Platforms like Hubspot, with its integrated CRM capabilities; Freshdesk, known for its user-friendly interface and robust features; and ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, a comprehensive IT service management solution, are setting the gold standard in the industry. These tools not only streamline customer interactions but also empower teams to collaborate, prioritize, and resolve queries with unparalleled efficiency.

As customer expectations continue to rise, it’s imperative for businesses to stay updated with the latest in ticketing and help desk innovations. Dive into our detailed exploration of the leading platforms in 2023, and discover which software aligns best with your organizational goals.

What is Ticketing & Help Desk Software?

Ticketing and Help Desk Software is a specialized digital platform designed to manage and streamline customer support inquiries and issues. When a customer encounters a problem or has a question, they can contact a company’s support team. This outreach, whether it’s through email, phone, chat, or other channels, is converted into a “ticket.” This ticket acts as a documented record of the customer’s query, containing essential details like the nature of the issue, customer information, and any subsequent interactions related to the problem.

The software organizes these tickets, ensuring that they are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. It allows support agents to prioritize, categorize, and assign tickets, ensuring that each issue is directed to the most appropriate resolver group or individual. Additionally, the software often includes features like a knowledge base (for frequently asked questions), reporting tools (to analyze support performance), and collaboration tools (to allow multiple agents to work on a complex issue).

The primary goal of Ticketing and Help Desk Software is to enhance the customer support experience, ensuring that customer issues are resolved satisfactorily and that the process is as smooth and efficient as possible for both the customer and the support team. For a deeper dive into implementing such systems, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, check out our comprehensive guide.

Criteria for selecting the best ticketing & help desk software?

There are many factors to consider when selecting a ticketing and help desk software. Here are some criteria that you may want to consider:

  • Multichannel Support: The software should seamlessly integrate various communication channels, such as email, chat, phone, and social media, ensuring a consistent support experience across all touchpoints.
  • Comprehensive Ticket Management: A robust system to handle, organize, prioritize, and track customer tickets is essential. Features like ticket categorization, merging, splitting, and cloning can be particularly beneficial for managing complex issues.
  • Collaboration Tools: Features like shared inboxes, private notes, and team mentions facilitate internal collaboration, allowing multiple agents or departments to work together on a ticket.
  • Knowledge Base Integration: A built-in knowledge base can empower customers to find solutions independently, reducing the load on support teams and enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Workflow Automation: The ability to automate repetitive tasks, set triggers, and define actions can streamline the support process, ensuring timely and efficient ticket resolution.
  • Customization & Integration: The software should offer customization options to fit specific business needs and integrate seamlessly with other tools and platforms, such as CRM systems, project management tools, and communication apps.
  • adding more agents, integratingthe addition of more agents, integration of new features, or handling a larger volume of tickets without performance issues.
  • User-Friendly Interface: An intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface ensures that agents can quickly adapt to the software, reducing the learning curve and enhancing productivity.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: While features and functionality are paramount, the software should also offer value for money, fitting within the budgetary constraints of the business.

It’s also a good idea to try out a few different software options before making a decision, to see which one best meets your needs and fits your budget.

Top and Best Ticketing and Help Desk Software 2024


HubSpot - Integrated CRM-Driven Support - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot, a leading provider of inbound marketing, sales, and customer service software, offers a comprehensive Help Desk & Ticketing Software solution as part of its Service Hub. This robust tool is designed to streamline customer support processes, manage support tickets, and improve overall customer experience.

Key features that have made HubSpot a contender in 2024 include:

  • Conversational Bots: These AI-driven bots help in automating responses, guiding customers to relevant resources, and even scheduling meetings, ensuring that initial customer queries are addressed promptly.
  • Knowledge Base: HubSpot’s knowledge base is not just a repository of articles. It’s a dynamic tool that suggests content based on customer interactions and queries, making self-service a breeze for users.
  • Customer Feedback: With tools like NPS, CSAT, and customer effort score, you can gauge customer satisfaction levels and continuously refine your support strategy.
  • Reporting and Analytics: HubSpot provides detailed analytics on ticket volume, resolution time, and customer feedback, giving you a comprehensive view of your support operations.
  • Integration with the HubSpot Ecosystem: One of HubSpot’s significant advantages is its integration capabilities. Whether it’s sales, marketing, or service, all tools work in tandem, ensuring that every department has a 360-degree view of the customer.

Plans & Pricing

HubSpot - Pricing Plans - Ticketing and Help Desk Software
HubSpot - Pricing Plans - Ticketing and Help Desk Software


Freshdesk - Unified AI-Driven Support - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

What is FreshDesk?

FreshDesk, by Freshworks, has consistently evolved over the years to meet the dynamic needs of businesses. In 2024, FreshDesk has fortified its position as a leading ticketing and help desk software by integrating advanced features and functionalities that cater to the modern, hybrid work environment.

Here are some of the standout features of FreshDesk in 2024:

  • Unified Solution: FreshDesk offers a comprehensive platform where bots, ticketing systems, and real-time conversations come together. This ensures that businesses can manage all customer interactions seamlessly, irrespective of the channel.
  • AI-Powered Automations: With the integration of AI, FreshDesk has optimized operations, ensuring that repetitive tasks are automated, and agents can focus on more complex issues. This not only improves efficiency but also enhances the overall customer experience.
  • Optimized Agent Workload: FreshDesk’s advanced algorithms help in deflecting frequently asked questions, ensuring that agents are not bogged down with repetitive queries. This allows them to focus on more pressing issues and provide personalized support.
  • Proactive Insights: The platform leverages AI-driven insights to proactively identify areas of improvement. This means businesses can continuously refine their support strategy based on real-time data.
  • Hybrid Work Integration: Recognizing the shift towards hybrid work models, FreshDesk has introduced features that bring teams together, irrespective of their location. This ensures that collaboration is smooth, and customer issues are addressed promptly.
  • Customer Issue Management: FreshDesk ensures that every customer issue, irrespective of its complexity, is handled with ease. The platform provides all the tools necessary to track, manage, and resolve customer queries efficiently.

Plans & Pricing

Freshdesk - Pricing Plans - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus: Holistic Enterprise Service Management - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

What is ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus?

ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus is a comprehensive IT service management solution developed by ManageEngine. This platform offers a holistic approach to IT service management by integrating ITSM, IT asset management, and CMDB (Configuration Management Database). It also extends its service management capabilities to other enterprise departments, such as HR, facilities, and finance.

Here are some of its notable features:

  • Holistic IT Service Management: ServiceDesk Plus provides a 360° approach to IT service management, ensuring that all IT-related issues, requests, and tasks are efficiently managed and resolved.
  • IT Asset Management: The platform allows businesses to track and manage their IT assets, ensuring optimal utilization and timely maintenance.
  • CMDB Integration: With its integrated Configuration Management Database, ServiceDesk Plus helps businesses map and manage their IT infrastructure, understanding the relationships and dependencies between various IT components.
  • Enterprise Service Management: Beyond IT, ServiceDesk Plus extends its service management capabilities to other departments, ensuring streamlined operations across the organization.
  • Customization: Recognizing that every business has unique needs, ServiceDesk Plus offers “last-mile customizations,” allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific requirements.
  • Privacy-Centric Design: In an era where data privacy is paramount, ServiceDesk Plus is designed with a “privacy first” approach, ensuring that user data is protected and compliant with global privacy regulations.
  • Deployment Flexibility: Businesses have the choice of deployment models, allowing them to select the one that best fits their infrastructure and security requirements.
  • Multi-Instance Model: For organizations requiring separate instances for different departments or branches, ServiceDesk Plus offers a multi-instance model, ensuring each unit can have its tailored service management environment.


Zendesk - Unified Customer Support - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

What is ZenDesk?

ZenDesk is an advanced customer service platform. As of 2024, it continues to be a leading choice for businesses looking to enhance their customer support operations.

Here’s a breakdown of its features:

  • Messaging: ZenDesk offers a unified messaging system, allowing businesses to personalize conversations across multiple channels, ensuring consistent and tailored customer interactions.
  • AI and Automation: With the integration of artificial intelligence, ZenDesk empowers businesses to resolve customer issues more efficiently, offering automated solutions and suggestions.
  • Help Center: The platform provides a comprehensive self-service portal where customers can find answers to common queries, reducing the need for direct agent interactions.
  • Agent Workspace: ZenDesk offers a centralized workspace where agents can access all relevant customer data, ensuring they have the necessary context to address issues effectively.
  • Tickets: A robust ticketing system ensures that all customer queries are tracked, organized, and resolved promptly.
  • Speech: This feature allows businesses to engage with customers directly through voice interactions, enhancing the support experience.
  • Routing and Intelligence: ZenDesk uses intelligent algorithms to route tickets to the most suitable agent, ensuring faster resolution times and optimal agent utilization.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Businesses can harness the power of data with ZenDesk’s analytics tools, turning insights into actionable strategies to improve customer support.
  • Platform Customization: ZenDesk is highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor the platform to their specific needs and workflows.
  • Integrations: The platform seamlessly integrates with various third-party systems, ensuring that businesses can maintain their existing workflows while benefiting from ZenDesk’s features.

Plans & Pricing

Zendesk - Pricing Plans - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

Zoho desk

Zoho desk - Multichannel Customer Engagement - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

What is ZohoDesk?

ZohoDesk is a dynamic ticketing and help desk software tailored for businesses aiming for efficient and streamlined customer support.

ZohoDesk features and functions at a glimpse in 2024:

  • Multichannel: Seamlessly manage customer interactions across various communication platforms, ensuring consistent support.
  • Workflow Automation: Optimize and automate repetitive tasks, streamlining the ticket resolution process.
  • Platform Customization: Tailor the Zoho Desk environment to fit specific business needs and workflows.
  • Self-service Portal: A dedicated space where customers can find solutions to common queries, reducing the need for direct agent interactions.
  • AI-powered Assistant: An intelligent assistant that offers smart responses and suggestions, enhancing the support experience and aiding agents in their tasks

Plans & Pricing

Zoho desk - Pricing Plans - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk - Versatile Comprehensive Support Solution - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

What is Vision HelpDesk?

Vision HelpDesk, in 2024, is a comprehensive ticketing and help desk software solution that offers a wide range of features to streamline and enhance customer support operations.

Here are its notable features and functions:

  • Satellite Help Desk: A standout feature, it enables businesses to manage support for multiple companies or brands from a single unified portal, streamlining operations.
  • Ticket Management: At the heart of any help desk software, Vision HelpDesk’s ticket management system efficiently handles, organizes, and prioritizes customer tickets, ensuring timely resolutions.
  • Workflow Automation: This feature streamlines and automates support processes, ensuring that tickets are handled efficiently and that no customer query goes unanswered.
  • SLA & Escalation: Vision HelpDesk ensures timely support responses and resolutions with its Service Level Agreements and escalation procedures, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Self Service Portal: Empowering customers, this feature provides them with tools and resources to find solutions independently, reducing the load on support teams.
  • Extend Help Desk Functionality: A unique aspect of Vision HelpDesk, this feature allows businesses to customize the platform’s design, themes, and even integrate with third-party tools, tailoring the software to specific business needs.
  • Multi Channel: This feature allows businesses to manage customer interactions seamlessly across various communication platforms, ensuring a consistent support experience.

Plans & Pricing

Vision Helpdesk - Pricing Plans - Ticketing and Help Desk Software


Happy Fox - Omnichannel Support Excellence - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

What is HappyFox?

HappyFox in 2024 is a robust ticketing and help desk software solution designed to streamline customer support operations.

Here are some of its notable features:

  • Single Platform for Omnichannel Requests: Convert various communication methods like email, phone, chat, and social media into organized tickets.
  • Ticket Categories: Classify inbound tickets into predefined categories such as products, sales, and support, ensuring efficient ticket management.
  • Private Notes for Collaboration: Using private notes to facilitate internal discussions among team members, enhancing collaborative problem-solving.
  • Ticket Actions: Manage complex customer issues by cloning, relating, merging, or splitting tickets as needed.
  • Canned Responses: Equip agents with predefined reply templates for frequently asked questions, speeding up response times.
  • Task Management: Decompose intricate tickets into individual tasks, allowing for detailed tracking and management within the ticket page.
  • AI-powered Chatbots: Enhance customer support with chatbots that provide real-time answers sourced from the knowledge base.

Plans & Pricing

Happy Fox - Pricing Plans - Ticketing and Help Desk Software
Happy Fox - Pricing Plans - Ticketing and Help Desk Software


AzureDesk - Affordable Enterprise -Level Support  - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

What is AzureDesk?

AzureDesk is a customer service platform designed to offer “must-have” features of enterprise-class systems at an accessible cost for businesses of all sizes. The platform emphasizes not just customer satisfaction but aims for customer delight.

Here are its key features and functions:

  • Ticket Management: AzureDesk offers a robust ticket management system, providing end-to-end solutions for customer issues, ensuring that every query is addressed efficiently.
  • Email-to-Ticket Conversion: The platform can seamlessly convert support emails into organized tickets, streamlining the support process.
  • Unlimited Mailbox: AzureDesk supports an unlimited number of email addresses, ensuring that all incoming support emails, regardless of the source, are converted into tickets.
  • Support Center: This feature acts as a 24/7 support hub, answering customer questions even in the absence of live agents, enhancing the overall customer support experience.
  • Apps Integration: AzureDesk offers integrations with multiple applications, including JIRA, Slack, and more, ensuring a seamless workflow and enhanced functionality.
  • Reporting: Businesses can gain insights into customer interactions and evaluate the performance of their support agents/team through detailed reports.
  • Collaborative Ticket Resolution: Agents can mention their teammates in private notes using a Twitter-style handle, facilitating collaboration and ensuring that tickets are resolved effectively.

Plans & Pricing

AzureDesk Pricing:

  • Free Trial: Azure Desk offers a 14-day free trial for users to experience their services.

Billing Options:

  1. Monthly Billing:
    • Plus Plan:
      • Price: $50 per user per month
      • Features:
        • Self Service portal
        • Ticket Management
        • Workflow
        • Reporting
        • And many more features…
  2. Annual Billing: Users can save when opting for annual billing.


Team-Centric Support Collaboration - Ticketing and Help Desk Software

What is SupportBee?

SupportBee in 2024 emerges as a collaborative customer support ticketing system, emphasizing teamwork and collective problem-solving. The platform is designed to help teams efficiently organize, prioritize, and collaborate on customer support emails. Its features include:

  • Shared Inbox: Centralizes customer support emails, ensuring that no query goes unnoticed and allowing multiple team members to access and address them.
  • Knowledge Base: Provides a repository of information, solutions, and FAQs, enabling customers to find answers independently and reducing the load on support teams.
  • Customer Portal: A dedicated space for customers to track their support queries, access resources, and communicate with the support team.
  • Collaborative Design: SupportBee emphasizes the idea that customer support is a “team sport.” The platform is built to foster collaboration, ensuring that multiple team members can work together to resolve customer issues.

Plans & Pricing

SupportBee Pricing: with 13% off

  • 14-day Free Trial: SupportBee offers a 14-day free trial for you to test out their services.
  • Startup Plan:
    • Price: $13 per user per month
    • Features:
      • Shared Inbox
      • Knowledge Base
      • Basic Integrations
    This plan is designed to help startups get their support team up and running.
  • Enterprise Plan:
    • Price: $17 per user per month
    • Features:
      • Everything included in the Startup plan
      • Customer Portal
      • Enterprise Integrations
    This plan is aimed at businesses looking to enhance their workflow with more advanced features.

FAQs: Ticketing and Helpdesk Software

What is the difference between help desk and service desk?

  • A help desk provides technical support to end users, troubleshoots customer and user issues, and/or guides them through specific tasks and actions.
  •  It is a single point of contact between the service provider and the end users. As opposed to a help desk that is focused on problem resolution, a service desk is designed to take care of the overall business needs.

What makes a good ticketing system?

  • Customer-oriented.
  • Customized software according to your organizational requirements.
  • Reporting tools to track performance.

What are the benefits of a good ticketing system? 

  • Increases efficiency of the help desk team.
  • Better prioritization of tickets based on level of severity and complexity.
  • Higher quality IT service delivery due to faster ticket resolution

What is the difference between web-based and cloud-based software as far as ticketing and helpdesk software is concerned?

  • Both cloud-based and web-based software refer to software that can be accessed over the internet, however, there are some key differences between the two.
  • Web-based software refers to software that is accessed through a web browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, using a URL. This type of software is typically hosted on a server and can be accessed by users from any device with an internet connection. The software and its data are stored on the server, and users typically need to have an account to access it.
  • On the other hand, cloud-based software refers to software that is hosted on remote servers and accessed over the internet. The software and its data are stored on these remote servers, which are managed by a third-party provider. Users can access the software from any device with an internet connection, and typically do not need to install any software on their device. Cloud-based software is also known for its scalability and flexibility, allowing businesses to easily scale up or down their usage as needed.
  • In terms of ticketing and helpdesk software, both web-based and cloud-based options provide similar functionality and features, such as ticket management, automation, and self-service portals. However, cloud-based options tend to offer more flexibility, scalability, and ease of use, as well as automatic updates and backups. Web-based software, on the other hand, requires the organization to manage their own infrastructure and software updates.
  • In summary, the main difference between the two is that web-based software is hosted on a server that the organization controls, while cloud-based software is hosted on remote servers and managed by a third-party provider.


Ticketing and Help Desk Software have emerged as indispensable tools for businesses aiming to provide top-tier customer experiences. These platforms streamline the support process and ensure that every customer query is addressed with precision and timeliness. As businesses evolve and customer expectations rise, investing in the right ticketing and help desk solution becomes paramount. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, leveraging these tools can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. With platforms like Hubspot, Freshdesk, and ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus leading the way, businesses are well-equipped to tackle the challenges of modern customer support. As we look to the future, the role of these software solutions in shaping positive customer interactions will only grow more significant. For businesses aiming to stay competitive and customer-centric, the choice is clear: embrace the power of ticketing and help desk software.

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