Wonder Dynamics Acquisition and Project Bernini: Improving Autodesk AutoCAD and 3ds Max for Interior Design

Last Updated on May 28, 2024 by tech-n-design

Autodesk, a leader in design software, has made significant advancements recently, including the acquisition of Wonder Dynamics and the unveiling of Project Bernini.

These changes promise to bring new capabilities to design software, especially for interior design.

Wonder Dynamics: Benefits for AutoCAD and 3ds Max

Wonder Dynamics specializes in AI technology that automates and streamlines tasks in various creative and technical fields.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

Wonder Dynamics’ AI tools have been used to automate the film industry’s complex animation and visual effects processes, significantly reducing manual labour. This technology can similarly automate repetitive drafting and adjustment tasks.

Time Efficiency

In projects involving complex animations, Wonder Dynamics’ AI reduced the time required by up to 50%. This time-saving potential translates well to AutoCAD and 3D Max, where similar repetitive tasks can be automated.

Enhanced Precision

Professionals have reported increased accuracy in visual effects due to AI-driven adjustments and refinements. This means more precise drafting and modifications, minimizing human error.


Streamlined Workflow

Wonder Dynamics has integrated its AI with existing workflows in media production, showing how its technology seamlessly fits into established processes. This integration can streamline workflows, making the design process more efficient.

Increased Creativity

Users of Wonder Dynamics’ AI tools have reported being able to focus more on creative aspects due to the automation of monotonous tasks. This means more time and energy for innovative design work for AutoCAD & 3ds Max users.

Specific Examples

Visual Effects in Film: Wonder Dynamics has automated labour-intensive visual effects, demonstrating their AI’s ability to handle detailed, repetitive tasks efficiently.

Integration with Industry Tools: Their technology has been successfully integrated with other design and animation software, proving its adaptability and potential for enhancing tools like AutoCAD.

Project Bernini for generative AI 3D shape creation : Benefits for AutoCAD and 3ds Max

Project Bernini is an Autodesk initiative designed to integrate advanced AI capabilities into its design software. This project aims to enhance the efficiency and functionality of these tools for designers and architects.

Improved Collaboration:

Project Bernini’s AI tools can facilitate better collaboration by automatically updating shared models and ensuring consistency across team members’ work. This reduces the time spent on coordination and communication errors.

Data-Driven Insights:

The AI in Project Bernini can analyse design data to provide insights and recommendations. This helps designers make informed decisions, optimize designs, and identify potential issues early.

Customization and Personalization:

Project Bernini allows for customizing AI tools to suit specific project needs and preferences. Users can tailor AI features to their workflow, enhancing the overall user experience and productivity.


Project Bernini’s AI tools are designed to scale with project complexity. This means that whether a project is small or large, the AI can handle increased data and complexity without compromising performance.


Project Bernini’s AI tools help create more sustainable designs by optimizing material usage and reducing waste. AI-driven insights can guide designers toward more environmentally friendly solutions.

Specific Examples

Automated Drafting: Project Bernini includes AI tools that automate the creation and adjustment of drafts, significantly speeding up the drafting process.

3D Model Optimization: AI features in Project Bernini help optimize 3D models, reducing the manual effort required for complex adjustments and refinements.

Enhanced Collaboration Features: AI-driven updates in shared projects help ensure all team members are on the same page, reducing miscommunication and errors.



What potential challenges might interior designers face with the new AI features, and how can they overcome them?

Some potential challenges include adapting to new workflows and understanding the full capabilities of AI tools. To overcome these, Autodesk offers training resources and support to help users become proficient with the new features and integrate them seamlessly into their existing processes.

How does Project Bernini address the scalability needs of both small and large interior design projects?

Project Bernini’s AI tools are designed to scale efficiently with a project’s size and complexity. For smaller projects, AI can handle basic automation and optimization tasks. It can manage increased data and complexity for larger projects without compromising performance, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency across all project sizes.

In what ways can the AI-driven insights from Project Bernini improve the sustainability of interior design projects?

AI-driven insights from Project Bernini can suggest material optimizations and alternative design approaches that reduce waste and energy consumption. AI helps designers choose more sustainable solutions, thus contributing to eco-friendly interior design practices.

What impact do these advancements have on the future of collaboration in interior design?

The advancements from Wonder Dynamics and Project Bernini will change collaboration in interior design by enabling real-time updates and ensuring that all team members are working with the most current information. This reduces miscommunications and errors, encouraging a more cohesive and efficient team environment. The AI tools also facilitate remote collaboration, making it easier for teams to work together regardless of geographic location.


Autodesk’s recent moves enhance its software tools significantly, making them even more powerful for interior designers.

These advancements align with Autodesk’s ongoing efforts to integrate cutting-edge technologies into its software, ensuring it remains a leader in the design industry. For more details on how Autodesk integrates AI into its products, visit the Autodesk AI Overview and Generative Design AI Benefits pages.

Project Manager (PMP), Interior Designer and 3D visualizer. Member of the Project Management Institute - Netherlands Chapter.